Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping on the ReStore Mall

What is the ReStore Mall?
The ReStore Mall is a service provided to insureds to help make replacing lost or damaged items easier. As an insured, you have access to the discounts and offers provided.

What form of payment can I use?
The ReStore Mall provides you with links, discounts, and coupon codes to hundreds of retailers nationwide. Your purchase transactions will take place on the websites of those retailers. As such, you may use any form(s) of payment allowed by those retailers, including but not restricted to your ReStore Card Debit MasterCard, should you have one. Most retailers accept all major credit cards. Some accept other forms of payment, such as PayPal.

My Discount/Coupon Didn't Work
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please click on the link for the code you were trying to use and then click “Report issue with coupon code.” You will be prompted to enter the following information: 1. What product or products you're trying to buy; 2. Your name; 3. Your email address; 4. Any additional information you wish to provide. We will investigate this issue and will contact you within one business day.

Why do I need to visit retailers via the ReStore Mall to get my discount?
By visiting a retailer's site from the ReStore Mall, you are able to get the latest information on available discounts and offers.

How do I know what special offers and discounts are available?
You can browse the categories to view the highlights of the special offers and discounts available to you. You may also click on any retailer's logo. A window will appear with more information about current discounts or deals offered by that store.

What are the system requirements for the site?
The ReStore Mall supports Windows XP, Vista, and 7; and Mac OS 10.x. You can browse the site using Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 1.5+, Google Chrome 3.0+ and Safari 3.0+.

Claim Q&A

Who do I contact about questions on my claim or settlement?
Please contact your insurance company's claims representative directly. We cannot address any questions related to your policy or settlement.

Will any personal information I update be changed with my insurer?
No. Our database is not synchronized with your insurer. Please contact your insurance representative directly with any changes to your contact information.

What is My Claim?
On My Claim page, you'll find a list of items that you reported to your insurance company (as of when you create your ReStoreMall account). You can use MyClaim to search for items in the ReStoreMall that might be good replacement options. You can also see discounts and offers provided by retailers that serve your claim category.

How can I see other products besides the ones on My Claim list?
You can search for any product on the Product Search page. Or you can view participating stores by going to the Offers page and viewing all the stores in each category. Or you can search for a specific store using our Find A Store search box.

Why are some items not listed on My Claim?
If an item was reported to us after you have created your ReStoreMall account, it will not appear on My Claim. In certain other instances, we will not receive the full list of items from your insurance company. The list of items that were used to settle your claim can be found on your Contents Valuation report.

ReStore Mall Account Q&A

How do I change my personal profile information?
Visit your My Account page and sign in to change your name, address, password or other information.

How long until transactions appear on transaction summary?
Transactions can take up to 15 days to post, depending on the retailer.

Where can I review my transactions?
You can sign into your My Account page any time to monitor your balance, including spending and credits, on the card.